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Way to Increase your Website traffic

Often new website owners face a headache for not getting traffic to their website. Don’t worry I faced that problem too. Follow my 7 steps to get free organic traffic to your website from first month and for free.

Free organic website traffic methods:

1.SEO :

For most of the beginners they choose a high competition niche and choose small and medium tail keywords. But to get on the top of Google search you have to choose a long tail keyword that will help you bring more traffic to your website because you'll face a lot less competition here. Also write eye catchy titles to grab attention like 10 best mobile sets in 2020. Again you can use Yoast SEO and rank math plugin to make your if you better.

2.Q&A Platform :


Quora is a question answer platform where you can get free traffic to your website by answering on a specific topic. And you will get high quality traffic because most of the visitors come from the US. This website ranks 68 in America. And you will get higher conversions to affiliate links or ecommerce stores.


Medium is another Q&A / idea sharing platform. They are ranking 255 in the world. Also they give high chances to their affiliate marketers and traffic drivers.


MeWe is another Q&A platform that directly promotes affiliate links.

You can publish the same article in each platform and get traffic to your site. But you have to be consistent to grow on these platforms. 2 or 3 quality contents every week will help you gain 25000-30000 traffic to your website within months.

3.Facebook page:

To start a Facebook page and growing audience from scratch is tough. So to solve this, you can go to a famous fb page and can request an admin for publishing your post (don't spam)and also you can search for the people who want answers about your niche and by giving your answer you can drive traffic to your website. Do more collaboration to get more traffic.


YouTube is the best way I think because it ranks 2nd in search engines. What an article can’t describe you can describe it through video so by creating video you can get a good audience. You can use doodle animation software to grab more attention and not show your face. You can go to my Quora profile to get the affiliate link. I personally use it. To be honest, it is a great software.

5. Pinterest:

Pinterest is a visual search engine where you can market through photos. Best thing is it ranks images the same for someone who has been in this platform for years and also who are newbie here and most of the customers are from US and 50% bloggers in Pinterest platform earns 20000$+ from Pinterest traffic.

6. Reddit:

Reddit is a great platform to start because it easily ranks on Google so if you want to get traffic to your website, grow your audience here.

7.Email Marketing:

You can start with cold mailing if you don’t have any email list. But it is better to grow your own email list so you can promote a product in the future. You can watch this video to know about cold mailing.

8. Backlinking:

If you have good content you can collaborate with famous bloggers to promote your article in there article . By backlinking and more collaboration you can easily grow your website and can get huge traffic to your website.

Paid Methods: If you want to grow your blog and earn more, simply you have to invest more.


Google Ads:

Google ads can bring huge traffic to your website at such a low cost so you can implement this method.

Pinterest and facebook laser targeting ads:

With ads you will easily rank on these platforms so to get more and more traffic pay some penny and customers are mostly those people who will buy your product or service.

Microworkers and Picoworkers:

This another platform where you will pay for every guaranteed affiliate sale. If you want to learn more watch this video.

these are the best and simple way to increase traffic to your blog. Hope this article helpful for you. Thanks...

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