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Easiest way to Earn money online 2020 - 2021

 The year 2020 has been financially rough for many households no doubt, with the Covid-19 pandemic and many other crises that have plagued several countries' worlds over. Which as a result has caused many to be out of jobs and some relying on govt. loans to get by. Also, with the restrictions experienced during the Pandemic period which is still a significant concern in some countries, it is not surprising that one of the growing concerns on most people's minds is how to make money online. Without further ado, here we go:

Make money online 2021


This has got to be one of the easiest means of making money online. Qmee – Earn real cash when you take surveys, shop & search is actually a browser extension or add-on if you may, that works well with chrome and firefox browsers. All you have to do is; Goto Qmee – Earn real cash when you take surveys, shop & search, or search for it in the preferred browser, Sign-up and install the add-on on the browser. Once you make a search on Google, Yahoo, Bing or Amazon, you get some sponsored ads displayed by the side of the screen and some rewards for you to click on if interested. Once you click on those rewards, you get the cash reward credited into your Paypal account. Which you can withdraw anytime, with no threshold, no minimum payout. Unfortunately, Qmee is not available worldwide only for specific countries: US, UK, Canada and Australia. As a side note, they also have other ways you can earn such as; paid surveys, Coupons e.t.c. visit Qmee to get started.


This is like a goto method that many have been using to earn a few bucks online from time immemorial. Basically, all you have to do is share you opinion about a subject by filling out a form or forms as the case may be. The subject could be about a product, business, company or organization. This helps companies to make well-informed decisions about the products and services. To get started you can visit sites such as; SurveyjunkieInboxdollarSwagbucks.com to mention but a few.


Yeah, I know the name doesn't sound familiar but who cares. Anyway all this involve is you selling your pictures or videos with good quality of course, to online media houses such as AlamyShutterstockAdobe stockEtsyPhotomoto. So, if you live near a fairytale neighbourhood where a lot of adventure takes place or you just so happen to travel a lot then go ahead and capture those memorable moments and make some buck while you are at it.


Are you multi-lingual? Can you speak some of the languages of popular international trade countries such as Chinese, German, French or even English. Then you might have a diamond in the rough. With the ability to speak and write some of these foreign languages, you can earn some passive income by simply registering on sites such as: TranslateUnbabelOneHourTranslate to mention but a few. I must mention however, that some of these sites will require you take a test before you are welcome on board to begin to work.


There isn't really much to this as the name implies. It's just about doing the everyday stuff online such as; watching videos, playing games, making research, opening mails, reviewing software, and stuff e.t.c. All of these are made available by several websites such as: WonderNeobuxOpinion OutpostSmart Panel e.t.c.


If you've got a locomotive device say like a bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, van, car as long as it can move from point A to B (live animals are not included). You can register on some website, get items or people to deliver or transport and get paid on completed delivery. Example of such sites (location may be a barrier) include: PostmatesDoordashInstacartShiptUber Eats, and a host of others.


If you are a lover of music like I am, then I believe you wouldn't mind listening to several music tracks and drop one or two comments about what you think about it. It's simply doing what you love and getting paid for it. Here are some sites you can register to listen to music tracks, post reviews and earn: MusicxrayCash4minutesEarnably e.t.c.


I deliberately left out some common ways through which one can make money online because the question says; 'What's the EASIEST way to make money online?' and quite frankly, all the listed options above can make you a few bucks online relatively easy. But the downside is that they are mostly unsustainable and sometimes unreliable.

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