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Importance of Heading tags and image tags in Seo

 Yes, obviously it creates a great impact on SEO ranking. And also if you are careful about using them properly then you get organically good results.

Heading tags in seo

Normally, when we own any websites we are trying to do all jobs by following SEO friendly.

When we creating any content at that time we thought that we set the title with our wisher words. And also trying to set related pictures. Most time we think that if I set relevant pictures with my articles it will be okay for ranking images also. But that was the largest wrong activity for us.
At first, when we use any headline or title we need to use the main keyword which is related to your niche.

The same things should be happening with the alt tags for images. Without alt google or others, search engines don’t get clear that what relevant your picture is? Then it does not work for ranking. In these circumstances, you need to use an alt tag on the image.

Let's briefly discuss with these two important Points Alt Tags and H Tags:

  • The Image alt tags For SEO:

image alt tags

Actually when we writing or create any articles for websites and some valuable social blog sharing sites we use some pictures that’s audiences get interests in. Doing alt tags is a part of On-Page SEO. With topic related, we use multiple images. But if we create jobs for images without alt text then we can understand what is showing or describes these pictures. But search engines can’t get what are you try to express by this picture. As a result, the search doesn’t choose your selected pictures for google or other search engines ranking.

For these reasons obviously, we should set alt tags with related keywords on unique images. For this reason, search engines easily take your images for ranking.

  • The H tags (h1, h2, h3):

H1 H2 H3 tags

It is also part of On-Page SEO activities. The h tags key part for your articles or content. When you set any title or heading it’s actually express what are you going to make. And also must use main keywords about your niche. After that google or others, search engines can get comfortably your niche by seeing you Title or h tags. Then if it’s unique then search engines try to rank it. And users also simply understand what are you writing or make on briefly. It’s called h1 tag actually. Some time many blog sites like bloggers and Medium there automatically you can get Title options. We obviously use titles with limited words and characters. There are exists multiples tools for counting these things on an online platform.

So there is this Title is h1 tags.

H2 tags On articles:

It’s called the second option for heading which calls subtitles also. These h2 tags also should include keywords. Here is also use limitation character and words to use.

H3 tags on articles:

That’s part use in after these h1 & h2 part. Here you can use heading with your paragraph related. here is you can select your heading with non-keywords also

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