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Why bing is not popular like Google

 Bing came far too late in this area of online research.

Google Vs bing

Google already had a market share of 90% worldwide. For many people, there is no alternative to Google.

When you don't know what a term means, some will tell you "Google it". That says it all. Google is the search engine that has the answer to everything.

The majority of users are happy with Google. So why try Bing?

The few people I know who have dared to try Bing have all told me the same thing: Bing offers fewer results. Bing is less complete.

People are so used to using Google that they won't go to a competitor like Bing. Questions about the lack of online privacy may lead some to try more respectful alternatives like DuckDuckGo.

Since Bing belongs to Microsoft, which is a GAFAM, people will not trust it any more than they trust Google.

Then, it must be admitted that Google has done everything to lock its position in the online search world. Google has made an agreement with Apple to be the default search engine on all Apple products.

Google is willing to pay between 8 and 12 billion dollars each year to Apple for this. The DOJ has just denounced this agreement by explaining that it prevented the emergence of competitors in the field of online search.

Google then locked down by creating Android before making it the dominant OS.

Google created Chrome to continue locking its dominant position.

All this serves Bing who can't compete with Google.

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