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How to Get free Instagram followers and likes

 How to Get free Instagram followers and likes

How to get free Instagram followers and likes

First Always remember only those will get followers who have quality content & has techniques to boost post “organically” free of cost.

Instagram followers

See, this is one of instagram insight post, this account has only 14 followers but by use of proper ”Hashtags” , this post was boosted to 1117 people ( free of cost). Now imagine if your content is so good that out of 1117 people if only 200 follows , that too this is your single post.

You don't need to invest money on instagram. Always remember that. Don't post 100 of posts daily. You just need 2–3 posts daily & that should be of great quality.

  • Maybe at first, if someone bought a large number of followers, he would be popular among those around him, but today, with the spread of Instagram and the identification of fake followers, the situation has changed.
Instagram fake followers

Those who are active on Instagram are divided into two groups:

  1. People who are famous and have a lot of real followers and earn money.
  2. Ordinary people who only follow other people's pages on Instagram and do not make money from it.

In my opinion, by describing these two groups and the current situation, buying fake likes and followers is of no use to Instagram users, because everyone will understand.

  • Fake followers are useless numbers.
Instagram followers

We need to know that if we buy fake followers for our page, everyone who sees our posts will notice that our followers are fake, because the number of followers varies with the amount of interaction (number of likes and comments).
But if you are thinking of buying likes after reading this text, keep in mind that from now on you have to buy likes for all your posts, which does not seem logic

How to get free Instagram followers and likes

Well, there are many ways to get free Instagram followers and likes

1. Make sure that your account isn't on "privet".

2. Use the relevant Hashtags. It will expose your post to your relevant audience.

3. Upload constantly photos( about 1,2 photos a day). people love to follow after active people that updating about their lives.

4. Don't copy other people photos! I recommend you to upload photos that YOU took.

5. Follow as many people as you can. It will expose your profile to many people.

6. Write an engaging bio

Instagram followers

Hope this will help you to grow your Instagram account and increase followers and likes. Make sure that you follow all above steps

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