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6 Best seo tools in 2020

6 Best seo tools in 2020

6 Best seo tools in 2020

When you are a digital marketer, obviously you want your content or website would appear on the first page of google. Every digital marketer dream of it. And in this context, SEO plays the most crucial role. SEO is genarally considered as must needed things of digital marketing. It can enhance the chances of being more successful in digital marketing. It increases the value of you. Also by SEO customers can find you. When they see your content or website on top of the google page, they start to rely on you.

The concept of SEO is not the latest thing. But bypassing years the strategies are changing. Such as in 2017, which strategy generally used to do SEO not matched with 2019. So It can be easily assumed that in 2020, SEO strategies are also different than previous years. There are many updates SEO tools, which contain more features than previous. Today I am here to discuss and analyze about the most popular SEO tools in 2020. Many SEO tools are available that can assist you to build quality SEO. But also among them, some are being more popular. Such as Backlinko, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Google keyword planner, MOZ, Majestic SEO tools.

1. Backlinko:


Usually, if we notice, crucial things are always happening. Which thing we cant recognize, we go for an example or relevant incident. Those make us comfortable to understand the topic. Backlinko does it for SEO. You can find different types of case studies here. While solving that you would get tips on SEO. And once you solve it, you would comfortably understand the whole scenario of SEO. That means in Backlinko you can practice SEO from examples or case studies. By this, you would understand how to increase your SEO rank online.

2. Google keyword planner:

Google keyword planner

Keywords is mitochondria of SEO. People would find your website or content, then they will search by keyword. So setting up a keyword, relevant to your content is very much important. Google keyword planner helps most in keyword research. You can research the keyword here. Also, the Google keyword planner gives a lot of suggestions to you. So by using this tool, it would be easy for you to research keywords and set up your content.

3. SEMRush:


SEMRush is a crucial SEO tool which can be used for analyzing a whole SEO. You must want to see your website top of the page. For doing this SEMRush analyzes websites. SEMRush has contains four components.

• Competitive research tools

• Keyword research tools

• Link building tools

• On-page SEO tool

From those tools, it can be easily assumed that how SEMRush works effectively. Competitor research is a great strategy in SEO. From this, you can compare your opponent's research. From this research you will have a crystal clear idea. This clear idea would help you to build quality content.

4. Ahrefs:


It is another all in one SEO tools where you can research everything relevant to SEO. Ahrefs is the most popular SEO tools in 2020. It has some features which are the same as SEMRush. But only the difference is, you can monitor the web. Also, you can track your rank. It is a third party SEO tools, by using which you can have the idea of your competitor. Also, it plays a big role in keyword research. The most interesting thing is it analyze competitors' keywords also. So your keywords from Ahrefs would be very much unique. It would also assist you to build quality content.

5. MOZ:


MOZ is an SEO tool used by many. It is also a popular SEO tool that helps you to analyze the whole SEO. The DO/PO of the website, the ranking are the main advantages of it. Also when you are giving your keywords, it helps you to find interesting and relevant keywords. So while using SEO tools MOZ has taken a special place for digital marketers.

6. Majestic SEO:

Majestic seo

Backlinks are another great strategy for digital marketing. Also great support for SEO. When a marketer use backlinks in his/her SEO customer sees it and visits the li k. It enhances the views of SEO. And SEO ranks higher. Majestic SEO helps a marketer to build that backlink. It enhances the opportunities of giving backlinks. Also shows suggestions where backlinks would be suitable or here would be not. Also, Majestic SEO suggests that which can be used as a backlink and how it can achieve a higher rank. So it is another crucial tool for SEO. Those are the tools that are more popular in 2020 for an SEO.

But it is not a matter that only following tools are useful. Also many SEO tools are available, but those are something special. When you will use these tools, you can build your quality SEO which would be useful for you in 2020.

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